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Patient Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are all your online specialists qualified for consultation and treatment?

Yes, fully verified and certified doctors and all care-providers.

In fact, some of them will be the best in your city and totally known to you.

Is online medical consultation with doctor private on Healcard?

Totally, nowhere your data can ever be leaked or go viral in any case.

You will be served privately and safely on Healcard.


Without any doubt, yes, you can definitely count on Healcard for all your safety, security and care. We have worked really very hard and in a proper, smart, researched manner to maintain your trust with us, so you never worry for anything than to focus on your health. Your privacy is our responsibility and we assure that we will never let you down.

How do I update my account information or reset my password or PIN?

For any modification, you can sign in to your account and go into settings, there you can change or update your information. Now if you forget your password or Healcard number which is a piece of essential information to log in to your account then you can click on 'forgot healcard no.' or 'forgot password' option existing on the same page while login.

What payment methods are accepted?

Here you can freely pay through whatsoever mode-of-payment you feel convenient with, either you pay in cash or online but make sure your specialist also no problem getting the consultation fees through that mode.

All your transactions will be saved on your profile patient bill field on the sidebar. you can see your transaction history whenever you want to refer it.

Do I need to carry this Healcard every time when I see a doctor after booking an online appointment?

Well, if you carry your Healcard it will be good for you and your security reserve. We all are aware of it very well how operating with cards are quick and fast, it also avoids any data getting mislead and are easy to use, you don't need extra burden to memorise your Healcard number every time and put it manually so it would be the best if you carry Healcard, else it's fine we can go with the methods you are comfortable with.

Also if you have Mobile App of Healcard, we provide our every patient’s Virtual Card there. This will be exactly same as your original Healcard and you can use it in the same way as you use original Healcard.

What if at the time of urgencies there is no doctor available, is there any facility of 24*7 availability?

First, getting this situation has just one per cent probability that is negligible, your doctor will always be available for you or else you will be notified priorly in case of unavailability. Now even if you want to know how our process works, then let us tell you there will be check-in process first.

Here you might ask for charges at multiple times, at hospitals all you have to give is the treatment charges.

You will be surprised but yes Healcard and whole team including care-providers(Online doctors, online medicals, online labs and health insurance companies connected with Healcard) all are patient-centred. We have created this platform to provide you with the cheapest possible way to get affordable online health counselling and therapies.

So only two times you will be asked to charge:

  • 1) Subscription fee: At the time of registering on Healcard to access online Healthcare services.
  • 2) Renew your subscription: Every year you need to re-subscribe on healcard

What if any of patient’s data gets deleted, corrupt or lost by a patient.

No worries, That is why our whole system is a cloud-based system offering cloud computing services in medical healthcare.

Each data is secured and stored for backup.

At this time you have two choices:

  • 1) Directly request care-providers(Online doctors, online medicals, online labs and health insurance companies connected with Healcard) to send you a copy of your stored medical records.
  • 2) Contact Healcard: If you are unable to get any records from your doctors or other you can contact us at our email address or support care page.

Are there any offers we will get on checkups?

No there isn’t.

What if I lost my Healcard and what if it, unfortunately, reaches in wrong hands?

If you lost your Healcard, you can immediately inform on the support page. We will block your previous Healcard and will issue a new Healcard number to you. No one can further take advantage of your lost Healcard and your details will be secured.

Even after the expiration of the account, can I access my data on healcard?

Yes, you can visit your profile after your subscription is over, even you can download your previous reports and also book an online appointment with the doctor. Although you can just visit your profile and have look at the stored medical records on the cloud, but when you enter your healcard number or scan your Healcard after booking an online appointment for doctor's consultation your EMR will not get started, it will show that your subscription has been expired. The online registered doctor can renew your subscription again then only you will be permitted for checkups, give a blood sample, access new lab reports and make your health check-up done.

Please reveal the fee that a patient has to charge at different stages of Healcard.

Basic Plan Subscription: Only 10/- Rs at the time of registering on Healcard to access online Healthcare services.

Renew Subscription: 10/- Rs only to re-subscribe on healcard every year.

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