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Become a part of the healthcare revolution

Searching for innovative healthcare solution to treat & serve in your community? Doctors can take their practice to next level, manage patient’s medical records & prescriptions, schedule online booking appointments, track financials, refer medicals & pharmacies, send test requests to labs, and transform the current healthcare landscape through advanced digital features to provide enhanced healthcare services.
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Build online presence & identity

Treat more patients with higher degree of digitization and automation, provide effective care with accurate diagnosis, improve medication adherance, consistent check-ups, higher patient satisfaction, improve outreach and service area through online 'book doctor appointment', and achieve higher position on searches for the best specialist doctor in your community. Doctors can build their online profile and patient engagement on Healcard & get known as an expert.

Reinvented approach for modern healthcare needs

With Healcard doctors can reach to as many people in need to grow practice organically. Regular health checkup reminders and scheduled appointments allows to operate their practice to predictable perfection and broaden the horizons to build a flawless reputation across community.
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Leave behind the conventional pile of papers

It’s time to adopt new technologies to smartly manage the online medical records, prescription, workflow, and make healthcare system easy yet quick in services. The paperless era of Healcard reduces the probability of losing any document/file to zero thus doctors will feel stress-free and focus more, and in turn, will make it easy for a patient to book an online appointment.

Medicals & labs to check reports on the spot

Seamlessly integrated health care professional hub makes it easy for doctors to access required lab reports or medical prescription anytime & anywhere when they require. No need to go through checking & reading multiple slips or paper records. No need to fill your closets and constantly spend resources and effort to keep that patient health information secure. We do it all for you, digitally and in the cloud!
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Smartly manage patient flow through clicks and picks

Generally, in clinics & hospitals, there are long queues of tired patients, some arguing or urging to diagnose them first. With Healcard there will be no such pressure or unwanted noise as scheduled and predictable patient flow organized through platform will allow seamless practice operations. Doctors won’t get disturbed with the unnecessary herd.

Refer your patient to another specialist in need

If a doctor’s regular patient demands the medical health checkups which requires specialist then primary care physician can refer patient to another specialized doctor in network and be able to transperantly track refferal followups.
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Explore how doctors can use a Healcard?

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Add multiple clinics

On Healcard, doctors can list out multiple clinics and display the active status of their availability on a particular clinic along with the serving time periods.
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Manage patient

Healcard provides holistic set of patient management features. Here doctors can add, edit, delete and check all stored medical health records of any patient through unique id and can chat with the patient directly in need.
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Link with lab and clinic

This is perpetual bond that needed to be established for seamless collaboration of the lab to the clinic. We have made it possible to detect health hazards and lab reports as quickly as possible.
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Patient reviews

Based on treatment experiences, diagnosis acuracy, as well as clinical access and affordability criteria, any patients can provide honest reviews to the doctor. These reviews will exhibit on doctor’s public profile and will help calculating position in search results.
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Manage appointments

Doctors themselves can schedule their clinic serving time, new appointment time, and free time. Any doctor can seek help from another specialized doctor for his patient's health checkups if anyone is busy with something.
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Secure health data

Free yourself from the pile of files. Usually, doctors need to manage files & reports for different departments & patients. But Healcard is providing the perfect solution to organize reports online securely and effortlessly all the while making them searchable.

Transform possibility into reality through Healcard

Join Healcard in just 3 simple steps and have an ultimate practice with advanced patient centric Healcard features.

Sign up to join

Fill in your name, email id, mobile number, clinic/hospital, and basic details required to register on a website.


Maintain an impressive profile

Add information about achievements, experience, practice, expertise, and proof to verify the provided data is true and valid.


Manage Your Practice With Healcard

Welcome to Healcard, see other doctor’s review, go through your profile and customize it according to your will.

Download Healcard App for more advanced & unique features

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Appointment Scheduling

Smartly manage your workflow. Schedule or cancel the appointments, clinic serving time, holidays, timeoffs, and efficiently provide safe, quick and accessible care.

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OPD | IPD | OT Management

Easily supervise & control OPD, IPD, OT patients, department, requirements, reminder checkups, billing and much more.

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Advanced Reports EMR/EHR

Grow your practice & save time while offering accurate diagnosis, in-depth reports, historical and current medical information about the treatment procedures.

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Visit Notifications & Reminders

Get daily email & reminders of appointments with the scheduled time and patient details. Send reminders to the patient for his next visit. Prior notification for cancelled or rescheduled appointments.

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