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Healcard Lab Management Software

Customized lab reports

With Healcard you get ready to use report templates including all standard parameters and it's default normal range values. Furthermore, you can add and edit fields as per your laboratory or individual report based needs and requirements. Our Platform accounts for any number of tests for a single patient. Any lab technician can easily understand the labels and input result data he/she has to fill by the use of explicit placeholders.The lab technician can Change the upper and lower limits of reference range as per biological determinants like gender and age. Test parameters can be marked as optional so that it does not get printed in the reports.
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Lab report history

Healcard helps labs to securely maintain digitized and searchable version of historical records of all the patients that a lab has served. It enables you to register all your patients when they avail Healcard lab services for the first time. This record also preserves each patient's data (including the tests they went for) for future access as needed by patients or healthcare providers. This high availability feature is one of the standard benifit for labs to join Healcard as their lab management platform. Lab can access history of all the bills, reports, SMS notifications, access requests generated for a patient etc for internal and external audit purposes.

Status check of work in progress

You will be glad to know that now you don’t require to manually keep track of workflows during normal course of lab operations, Healcard provides you with an amazing alternative for this, here you can directly see the work status like which samples have been checked, which ones are left, which ones are in process and track the whole test run in realtime.Through notification and button colors you can easily distinguish and understand the proper status of reports and samples.
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View comprehensive information

Healcard lab reports are comprehensively designed and coded such that even a novice technician can fill the details with ease. One not needed to be highly dexterous as a lab technician. You get to print accurate reports which would help doctors treat the patients better. Any patient can easily understand all the parameters listed in the report along with a brief description and instructions provided with each field and its normal range.

Easy sample test procedure

Labs using Healcard will have its own blood sample collection staff in various areas. When a patient is prescribed to perform any type of test, the physician himself will send a test request to the lab of patients preference and that will trigger sample collection workflow for lab. All in very integrated and automated fashion.Labs will redirect this request to the corresponding staff of that particular area and soon the staff will reach to location of the patient. They will collect the sample and after this, you will be free from any further tests or so.
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Streamlined Report Delivery

With electronic reports, it share reports from lab to patient to doctors. The patients are not required to come to the laboratory to collect their test reports. Sending reports over the Healcard platform throug profile helps them save time and cost. Even the doctors can get the notifications of completed test results, so they can directly check the reports online and analyzes it as soon as possible. No one has to wait in the laboratory while the test reports are getting generated.

Explore how Labs can use Healcard?

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Add multiple Labs

Healcard is highly flexible and designed in a way to provide you with a complete set of functionalities. Here you can add multiple labs and communicate within a netwrok of labs. The platform allows for labs addition, deletion, and linking for all labs in a group to work together as a single entity.
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Manage Staff

Managing staff and their schedule takes lot of manual work for lab managers and lab owners. Healcard has focussed on all the circumstances arount unplanned leaves, balancing of workload etc and has built functionality so that you can manage and assign the work properly to the responsible person with always identified automatic backup resources.
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User-friendly billing

Through Healcard platform, you can manage your invoices, supply, as well bill and manage patient’s to enrich their experience for easy online transactions. It saves a lot of time both of care seekers and care providers and improves the workflow for the healthcare system.
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SMS Notification

In a traditional current prcoess, patients first visit the laboratory to give samples and come back to get the reports but on Healcard, you get the online report and notification through SMS to check your report status directly from the secure link. This report can be printed, downloaded and open on any web browser and accessible through your Healcard profile.
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Sasy record searching

Healcard provides multiple filters to display data by month, day, name, and so on. Filters enhance speed & progress of user to save time. Lab person can quickly analyze the pending reports that are requested to fetch, deliver, or re-analyze. Healcard is effectively helping labs to manage the workflow.
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Auto/Manual window

This window is utilized at the time when a lab technician wants to add the patient's information to Healcard. Healcard number can be entered or manual entry of the patient can also be made. This functionality helps labs to verify patient details and to access the doctor's test report prescription directly from the patient desk.

Highly efficient & Automated Lab to deliver fast reports

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Portable & Accessible Reports

Labs can deliver reports to patient and doctor online anytime, anywhere, whenever requested or required.

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Excellent Report Filters

Lab person can quickly analyze the pending reports that are requested to fetch, deliver, or re-analyze and can easily search any records from the digital storage of data.

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Instant Report Delivery

Labs will be able to provide reports as fast as they can. Healcard has included features where the whole time of generating reports can be quick.

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Electronic Medical Records

Reports generated by labs are evaluated, analyzed and represented with graphs, statics and demonstration as per the type of report.

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