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Best healthcare software solutions for clinic, hospital services

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We promise you ‘HEALTHY YOU’

Maintain your health with transparent, easily obtainable, and reliable care options by trained medical professionals. Monitor your health and treatment procedure through Healcard.

Healcard - Better health from dream to reality

Over the decades we all kept thinking how & when healthcare services will be easily available from the door in less than a minute, well, this is not the dream now, Healcard is working to provide you one-stop solution for every healthcare needs.
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Transparency in healthcare services

Assist your practice, manage patient’s records digitally, handle bills in an online wallet, direct to medicals, pharmacies, and labs. Achieve higher level of patient satisfaction.

Health companion of care seeker - Healcard

Healcard is aware of challenges that any patient has to face while going through health treatments, and focussing on these circumstances Healcard has covered all the basic requirements of patients facilitating everything online from appointment to results.
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Healcard - reliable pharmacies & medicals

Healcard registers only the certified and reliable medical stores to assist you globally with the steady passage of medications. These stores get informed about the quantity and type of medicines in demand. In this way, medicals transfer the prescribed medication at the destination retrieving the slip online.

Healcard proved to be a lab assistant

There was a time when even detecting the symptoms through tests used to take almost five days later on reduced to two or less and now with Healcard, it's the quickest possible way. Registered Healcard labs accelerate time from sample to test results easily through digital thechnology and produce e-Reports that are prompt, convenient, and secure.
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Do you think getting health insurance claims processed is a long process?

Well, why do you need to worry about that, It’s all easy with Healcard.Healcard provides patient facing functionality to generate mediclaim file easily without worrying about paper reports and invoices from multiple sources. With few clicks you can create mediclaim required digital package, print it and send ship it to your insurance company to get your claim processed faster and error free.

Healcard for the pharma company

In current situations, Medicals need to update and maintain multiple data points in different books and systems, what is current stock, when to reorder, what is expriring and when? Healcard provides all these functionality in one place.
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Stocking based on demand trends

Medical agencies make sure that there shouldn’t be any shortage of medication in medical stocks. Medical agencies consistently supply the medicines referring to the medical requirements in the database to have proper supply & transactions, transferring varieties of medicines from pharma companies to each medical on time.