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Boost Your Health Journey: Top Benefits of Healcard for Patients

Healcard changing the way how you experience healthcare!

As they say, "Precaution is better than cure". It's not that healthy people are the ones who never see a doctor for care. Routine checkups and prevetive care are key to healthy life and longevity. It was time-consuming monotonuys task until technology hadn't added its essence in helathcare sector. With advent of telemedicine, electronic medical record, computer based doctor practice management softwares and so much advancement in healthcare through technology, it's all sorted in a highly accessible and affordable way. Track your health through realtime access to your medical history, annual checkups, and timely appointments to avoid unexpected health issues.
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Ask questions to your doctor

Asking questions to your doctor? That sounds odd, no? But believe us that’s fine. You have all the rights to know about your health, illness, treatment procedures, financial documentation, and other formalities or just about how to lead healthy lifestyle. After all, you are in charge of your healthcare choices, whether thats understanding side effects of medicine being prescribed, or alternative therapeutic pathways for various outcome and expenses, then why hesitate in making educated and informed choices and ensuring peace of mind with questions answered by healthcare professionals.

Healthcare on your fingertips

Everyone thinks of having their own primary care doctor for personalized care, now instead of thinking much, why don't you appoint one on Healcard. Be it an early appointment or telehealth, be it instant responses on chat or checking a specialist's profile before the appointment, through Healcard everything will be at your fingertips and easy accesible - taking ownership of your health and having your own choice of doctor..
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Track medical history, anytime, anywhere.

Any medical record about your health can be useful for future contexts, and thus we like to preserve these records safe, but it feels irritating to manage this paper trail spread across files for long periods unless you keep these many pieces stored online through adopting the paperless solution like Healcard.

Healcard makes you independent

Of course, if you are sick, you can’t go out to buy your medicines, to get your reports or dont feel comfortable waiting too long at doctor's office or hospital/clinic for consultation & diagnose common symptoms. Thus, you get depend on others. Cheers, because Healcard solves this complexity and makes you feel independent through online medical support. You can book an appointment from your home or office; you can fetch reports directly, you can request for medicines, you can store health records through Helacard, and also you can be more conscious about health, diet, and precautions to take care though peer reviewed health articles.
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Explore patient benefits of using Healcard?

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Appointment booking from home

With one click, book your appointment and lab test, reschedule and even cancel appointments without the hassles, saving time, energy and ensuring a safer and more efficient way to get the care that you need. Getting treatment should be anxiety-free experience without having to wait long period of time at clinics/hospitals, and we are committed to providing you just that.
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Provide feedback

On Healcard your reviews matters most because a doctor’s profile depends on your relevant reviews. On the basis of your reviews around experience, a doctor’s profile stands higher in ranking and becomes noticeable to everyone. Reviews also encourage doctors to join us and continue to serve their communities most effectively and with empathy you deserve.
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Your health, your choice

Healcard values your decisions and choices, and so we stand with you at times of need. On Healcard, you are not necessarily bound to get your checkup done only from one doctor, you surely can have an appointment with multiple specialists, or you can switch to another preferred specialist based on your preference and comfort.
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Check your specialist’s profile

Before buying anything, we all seek the product’s detailed information if it is good for us or not, then why shouldn't we investigate the ability & speciality of the doctor who is going to treat or operate on us? Of course, we have the right to know. Healcard provides the complete set of information to verify your specialist's profile, to know about his level of experience, certification, and reviews from other past patient's for treatments they received and health outcome.
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Get reminders and notifications

At Healcard, we believe in care beyond treatment, so you will never experience unwanted advertisement or hassle with us. To make you aware of good health & precautions, we allow you to set preferences where you can get consistent health checkup reminders and notifications of having proper sleep, diet, exercise daily on time, and advice based on your medical signs that we record at Healcard.
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Direct consultation to the doctor

You can chat or talk to doctors online without the need to go to a clinic for non-critical care needs and consultations. A feature which is very useful to any demographics. Free up the time from clinic visits to do just about anything that pleases you while ensuring that you and your loved ones get the care they need from the comfort of your home or on the go while out of town.

Healcard - Whenever you need, Wherever you need

Join Healcard to stay healthy, to save time & money, and to get the best care when you need it.

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Book appointments and lab tests

Why still wait in long queues? Become a healcard member and in just one click book your appointment & lab test, without any hassle, traffic & error.

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Check Doctors & Clinics Profile

Without stepping out from your home, check doctor's availability, operting hours, specialization, clinics served, fees, contact details, address and more, in just with few clicks.

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Store health records

All the reports, records and prescriptions are securely stored on our online cloud platform, replacing traditional storage - the cabinets or cupboards of the medical institution.

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Notifications & Reminders

Schedule and get reminders & notification of appointments, medication, exercise, water, meal, health tips, sleep reminders, also the prior notification of upcoming appointments and more.

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