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Pharmacy Management System

Up-to-Date sales purchase analysis

When the whole world going towards automation, why Pharmacy systems have to still work on manual methods?To get rid of effort of listing everything on a paper and storing it in a pile, Healcard provides an amazing medical dashboard that a medical store owner needs.Here you can see trends around top selling medicines, highest cost medicines, about to expire medicine stock, and current stock by medication without any manual calculation or without looking in paper stored data. This helps chemists to retrieve this information in realtime balance stocks on time with reorder etc.
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Smartly manage your medicine stock

Almost every medical is unable to easily track if the stock is getting low and needs to purchase some extra units as per the demand or historical trends.This deficiency of medicines is noticed only at the time when stock would be going to end which in turn not only disappoints a patient but medical looses revenue with lost sales opportunity.Thus to fulfil the insufficiency on time, it is necessary to be informed of medicines to buy in need, on-demand, or which is in low stock. Healcard detects the stock requirements and smartly reminds through status check notifications about the low stock in advance.

Connect in a streamlined medical flow

As we all know revenue increases with an increase in demand. In other words, the more medicines a chemist sells the more earnings a store gets. After registering on Healcard you will see thousands of new contacts, suppliers, buyers and this indirectly increases the profit of the corresponding organization. You will grow your network with the same professionals like you and this helps you in growing your business further.
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Get accurate and clear prescription

Though chemists are aware of all medical terms and medicine names but any small mistake in understanding the prescription or dosage or potency may lead to a big risk. Healcard is built with features to avoid human error for improved patient safety. On Healcard you will get clear and easy to understand e-prescription directly to your medical through just a patient's Healcard number, which will enable pharmacists to provide/dispense the right medication to care-seekers.

Check medicines availability in nearby Medicals/Pharmacies

Soon in no time, Healcard registered medicals will have abilities to check nearby medical stores. Healcard medicals can communicate to solve stock problems in case of emergencies. This will increase transparency in the medical field while ensuring patients gets medicine on time without going to multiple stores.
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Explore how a pharmacist can use Healcard?

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Add multiple Medical

Healcard provides flexibility around adding, deleting and adding multiple medical stores & pharmacies on one screen by linking them all together to work as a single entity, and to balance the demand & supply.
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Manage Staff

Medicals can manage staff and schedule based on days of week and operating hours. Staff vacations, sick day off, comp days etc all can be automatically considered when establishing staff schedules.
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Easy Transactions & sales/purchase returns

Medical stores can easily manage full order to cash, procure to pay, and retruns process, through integrated point of sale, inventory, and stock management capabilities
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Auto/ Manual sell window

With Healcard, we have this unique feature that fetches prescription and medical notes for patients just by typing their Healcard number. This online auto window automatically generates an automated bill as medicines are dispensed along with dosage instruction, and use. Patient can also easily understand instructions in their own language. Collection of these features improves medication adherance.
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Check medicine status

Healcard’s medical software is built for integrated functionality. It eases most of the medical workload through seamless automated flows for operational processes. The chemist doesn’t need to recheck purchase or manufactured date of medicines over and over again, expired stock and batch information is all maintained within platform for easier returns of expired stock.
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Manage pending orders

In conventional operations, pending orders are maitained in some paper books for records. With Healcard, which embraces technology for efficiency, medicals have its separate platform to handle, manage, return sales/purchase stock. It eases chemists to track all sort of pending orders & others while working with medical agencies.

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Use e-Prescriptions

Reduce the possibility of misunderstanding and errors with detailed, clear, understandable and point by point prescriptions.

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Connect Associates

Check medicines availability in nearby medical/pharmacy and temporary refill your empty stock in case of urgencies.

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Smart Stock Management

Add, edit, delete and buy medicines, return expired medicines, track pending order and sales, smartly oversee therapeutic stock.

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Automatic Billing Window

Pharmacies can directly get the prescription by user's healcard no. generate auto bills with medication instruction, frequency and its use.

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