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Data Security

is our top priority.

Data breaches incidents are at its historical highs given the integrated nature of the world. Naturally, data security and privacy concerns are the foremost thoughts on everybody's mind, may that be individuals wanting to protect them and their family, organizations wanting to protect their brand and their customers or healthcare professionals wanting to protect their patients. Focusing on these priorities and concern we have implemented durable security measures throughout our platform through a collection of encryption, least privileges, and state of the art firewall technologies. Our security measures mainly borrow from what typically governments across the world use to secure their defense, and financial establishments. As an example, the following security measures are almost impossible to crack and attack as they are constantly updated, modified and coded with the latest technology.

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ISO 27001


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compliant data centres

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HIPPA Compliance

Healcard is designed and built around security at the center, hence we have made a conscious choice of leveraging HIPPA compliant infrastructure (technology components) as a foundation for the platform. There are mainly four aspects that make HIPPA very very important for patients and the healthcare industry and those are the privacy of health information, the security of health data, notification of breaches in medical records (PHI - personal health information), and the right to obtain copies of healthcare data. Healcard obediently follows all the protocols and rules of HIPPA compliance to ensure its user's privacy, security, and integrity of protected health information. Trust that you have put on us is of utmost importance to us.

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Cloud data security

Cloud-based security & solutions will eliminate the need for maintaining records on paper or local servers, eliminate maintenance and backup efforts of servers and data, hence it will ensure smooth as well as efficient execution of the entire healthcare process. Letting care providers focus on providing the best care and make effective decisions without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure and security measures. Our platform is built on HIPPA and HITRUST compliance infrastructure with active monitoring and tools that protect the information in the cloud as well as information in transit. As a part of a shared security model, we take care of the security of the platform while individual entities ensure security in the platform. That essentially means keeping an entity clinic/hospital/lab/medical store level credentials safe.

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Healcard is protected with 256-bit encryption

256- bit encryption is advanced and updated security version of 128 and 192-bit encryption, and used for protecting sensitive and confidential data such as healthcare, financial, military, or government-owned data with latest protocols and technologies including AES and SSL.

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All the data in Healcard are protected with secure backups

Each file & record within Healcard has multiple copies on different data centers and servers to ensure that your critical medical records are never lost. Furthermore, we have nighly backup jobs that securely store a snapshot of the data to ensure high availability and for disaster recovery purposes. Each backup snapshot is further encrypted to ensure security and privacy. In case any required file i.e. lost or inaccessible at the time of use that can instantly be retrieved from backup systems.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Healcard’s view on data security and privacy?

At Healcard your privacy and data security is our topmost priority, and so we have taken several steps to safeguard your personal and medical information. Data security is one of the core values that we have instituted in our culture, ethos, and operating processes to provide you with the optimum services for your healthcare needs. We understand that healthcare data is sensitive information about you and it needs to be kept confidential. Healcard never shares your personalized health records or any other personal information without your prior and explicit permission. Only after your consent, we allow our team to use your records in case of your health needs. We provide you with the capability to update, delete, share, unshare your data whenever you require it. Focusing on these basic principles and requirements, we have built a very flexible platform where end-users(which is you) are in full control of their health and personal information. At Healcard, you are empowered to make your own decisions according to your will for sharing or not sharing information with your healthcare providers. In case of any query or complexities, Healcard team is always available to provide 24x7 services, to support you in need, to guide you and to take care of you, your health, and your healthcare security.

What data does Healcard have?

Healcard stores your data in two ways, First, when care providers ask your basic healthcare information and at diagnosis level where a specialist stores your information such as records like your symptoms, diagnosis, treatment procedure & plans, clinical notes to remember, and other confidential details. These data are stored with explicit least privilege model i.e. without the patient’s permission, Healcard can not access this data for its use or share, not even to a doctor. Your health data are stored securely and protected with encryption to prevent anyone from getting to decrypt and read it without your conscious choice.

The second time your data get stored to Healcard is when care seekers visit Healcard or use Healcard app to store their Medical history and records, This is when you book an appointment, take free online consultation, undertaking healthcare transactions and more. Though we can access this data only after providers' permission, we just don't/can't share your medical history without your permission with insurance companies, doctors, nurse practitioners etc.

In a nutshell, rest assured that your health and personal information will stay protected with us. The platform is protected with multiple security measures like encryptions, certificates, and firewalls. Furthermore, a dedicated team of information security personnel is working hard - consciously and consistently to keep your data safe and your trust in us forever.

Feel safe and stay safe with Healcard!

Is my data really safe with Healcard?

We are leveraging the most secure and robust cloud platform as a foundation for Healcard platform. Healcard is shielded with this highly efficient and secure 256-bit encryption, HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001:2013 certified infrastructure to secure your health records.

  1. First, 256- bit encryption on Healcard makes our platform almost impossible to hack and thus you don’t need to worry about your data getting leaked.
  2. HIPPA Compliance comprises mainly three layers of security technical, administrative, and physical.
    • Technical safeguards involve access control, audit control, integrity, person or entity authentication, and transmission security.
    • Administrative safety includes Privacy of health information, the security of electronic records, administrative processes automation to reduce risk of human erros.
    • The physical layer provides detailed instructions for handling and protecting a patient's personal health information.
  3. DSCI is a not-for-profit, industry body on data protection in India, set up by NASSCOM.
  4. We are an ISO27001:2013 compliant platform where the whole infrastructure, team, and system is focused on securing your data and transactions. Even the Healcard team can not access your confidential health records until unless you allow us to. Your health data is encapsulated with multiple security measures and only you can access and share it if required.

Have you ever faced a data breach?

We have worked very diligently in establishing our security architecture from the inception of our platform. And this security-focused architecture and practices have allowed us to stay secure and will continue to keep us secure. Furthermore, we are constantly reviewing our security posture and evaluating tools and measures we have in place to ensure that we stay ahead of curve in terms of keeping our security architecture up to date based on market trends. We will continually maintain your trust that you have bestowed on to us and keep trying hard to make sure your data stays protected.

Is Healcard compliant with data security and privacy laws?

Yes, of course, Healcard obediently follows all applicable protocols and regulations throughout wherever Healcard is operating its services. We work under local as well as federal compliances and under applicable authorities purview of following all established processes around patient data safety and privacy.