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Healcard App: All-in-One Healthcare Solution

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As they say, "Precaution is better than cure". It's not that healthy people are the ones who never see a doctor for care. Routine checkups and prevetive care are key to healthy life and longevity. It was time-consuming monotonuys task until technology hadn't added its essence in helathcare sector. With advent of telemedicine, electronic medical record, computer based doctor practice management softwares and so much advancement in healthcare through technology, it's all sorted in a highly accessible and affordable way. Track your health through realtime access to your medical history, annual checkups, and timely appointments to avoid unexpected health issues.
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Searching for innovative healthcare solution to treat & serve in your community? Doctors can take their practice to next level, manage patient’s medical records & prescriptions, schedule online booking appointments, track financials, refer medicals & pharmacies, send test requests to labs, and transform the current healthcare landscape through advanced digital features to provide enhanced healthcare services.

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Here you can see trends around top selling medicines, highest cost medicines, about to expire medicine stock, and current stock by medication without any manual calculation or without looking in paper stored data. This helps chemists to retrieve this information in realtime balance stocks on time with reorder etc.
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