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Medical Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have multiple branches. How do I include and show them all?

This online medical management system platform has been created focussing on all your needs & requirements.We have researched and did several surveys to be aware of all the obstacles and problems that a medical specialist faces, due to a lack of online technology in the medical field.

Thus to seek more transparent flow, Healcard has added a feature for medical specialist to add multiple branches or stores wherever they are distributing the service.

You can anytime modify your medical profile and update new address, phone no.s, timings, etc. all by your self

Why is Healcard providing a free service?

We believe that whatever data or medical history a medical store has, belongs to a patient and all regards to secure patient’s information.

Medicals nowhere store their documents for own use.

So whatever fee is charged are taken by registered care-seeker and that too is minimal affordable charges as we secure their transactions and medical records using high quality of security compliances and encryptions.

Are there any specific system/Internet requirements to access Healcard?

To access Healcard services, you simply need to have a smartphone/system/laptop to operate our Healcard App and web and of course the internet

so that you can perform tasks online anywhere, anytime.

I’m on another health portal, then why should I be on yours?

Yes, we understand handling two platforms at a time might be hectic for you and many times difficult when there are time clashes. We never force anyone to replace existing medical management platform from our’s(Healcard). But you must surely give a try once because the technology, cloud computing services, security reserves, management software, interlinked connections, self controllable profiles, and a hub of all healthcare solution providers to reach health seeker in a click.

At Healcard you don’t need to wander and manage all medical-related services manually instead you will get everything manageable on single place i.e. Healcard. This facility is nowhere, and we believe these will be available for the first time with only Healcard, here you will experience smart, impressive and versatile features that will ease, revitalize, rejuvenate, and fast the whole healthcare solution system.

I am not very technology savvy. what do I do?

Well, there is no need to get afraid of this as all you have to go with instructions and use common sense to go ahead as like we use ATM machines it’s as easy as that. You just need to login and operate your profile the way you operate your social media profiles. For all of this, you don’t need to be a tech pro or something, and even if you find it difficult, we have instructional videos to handle your profile on Healcard youtube site, You can go through it and learn from there. We would again say that we have functionalized it in as simpler way and so it is easy to use, you just have to go with the instructions.

Do medicals need to review medicines from manual prescriptions or e-prescriptions?

At Healcard we always prefer electronic prescription over the manual prescription to avoid the possibility of any misunderstanding or misreading. Medicals can directly fetch the right reports for the right medication from inserting or scanning user Healcard number. Now medicals don’t need to be concern about this particular thing instead they can focus more on patient & stock management.

How do a medical charge the bills from the patients?

A smart medical billing system is inbuilt in Healcard platform. All medicals can manage their sells but there is no such mandatory payment procedure to pass the bills. Medicals & pharmacies can opt for the whatever option their customers feel comfortable with or available at the time of transaction.

How medicals can manage their stock on Healcard?

On Healcard medicals can count on many medical agencies to refill, exchange or buy medicines and other healthcare products. Even a pharmacy can return the orders which have been expired or not generating any sells.

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