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Doctor Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the doctor’s profile listing free? Are there any other conditions for listing?

Yes, Healcard which is an ecosystem for healthcare solutions offers free platform for healthcare providers(Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals, Medicals, Labs, Health insurance underwritters, Medical suppliers for bulk supplies through agencies) to aid in providing affordable, effective, and quick care to patients through online doctor consultation & in and out patients facilities.

While your listing on Healcard is free but without verification of your profile(credentials and contact details), it will not be visible publicly and so patients won’t be able to see your listing when doctors are searched by name.

There are basic norms that you need to follow :

  • 1) You make sure you have filled all the requested information about you, your address. Your documents should match your authentic certificates and bona fide ID’s.
  • 2) Your contact number, timings & availability all should be obtainable and real.
  • 3) You must agree to all the terms & conditions of Healcard and perform your duty with honesty and dedication.

I practice in multiple clinics. How do I include and show them all?

This online clinic management platform has been created to accomodate on all your needs & requirements. We have researched and conducted several surveys to identify challenges and address them with robust prioritization framework. Thus to seek more transparent flow, Healcard has added a feature for medical specialities to add multiple clinics wherever they practice.

You can create a new clinic from my clinic option or clinic owners can invite you to their practice so you can switch the clinic easily for practicing in multiple clinics and the good thing is that you can anytime modify your clinic profile and update new address, Phone no., timings, etc. all by yourself.

How do I get notified about the online doctor appointment of a patient?

Well, for that you just have to check your email every morning and bingo! You will see, All managed list of schedule is there.

Why is Healcard providing a free service?

We believe that all the data or medical history a doctor creates during the course of consultation or care interactions, it belongs to a patients.

We do charge a nominal and affordable fees to patients on an annual basis at the time of patient onboarding in healcard. These fees are collected from registered care-seeker(users of the Healcard platform). Portion of this fees covers operational cost of the platform while keeping their information(transactions and medical records) secure using latest technologies.

How do I charge patients for the doctor consultation fee, also is there any other charges?

All the doctors are required to have Healcash in their ‘doctor wallet’ that they can purchase from Healcard in exchange for the money. Healcash will be exchanged automatically for each patient registration. Only a doctor can renew the patient’s subscription and start his EMR process.

Now if we talk about the consultation fee, this beween you and your patient, these transactions can be pefromed through a common platform between both of you that you are comfortable with. To provide further clarity, Healcard does provide patient billing capability, actual payment collection function is not in scope for Healcard.

I cannot dedicate a particular time on Healcard, is it available 24x7? What do I do?

Healcard never binds you, in fact, it provides all the flexibility you need, to run your practice your way, calmly and in a stress-free manner even in difficult situations. We are fully aware of that you might not be available 24*7 on Healcard and that is why we inbuilt this feature of scheduling your time for online counselling according to your convenience. Also, you can refer another specialist to your patient at the time of emergencies and in case when you are out of office.

For cancellation of appointment, there must be a valid reason and you must prior inform Healcard about it so that we sent an email to patients to notify them about new details, date, and time of appointment.

Are there any specific system/Internet requirements to access Healcard?

To access Healcard services, you simply need to have a smartphone/laptop/desktop to operate our Healcard App and web, and of course the Internet,

so that you can perform tasks online anywhere, anytime.

What do I do if I cannot be available during when patient book online appointment?

We understand that sometimes treatments/procedures can go beyond schedule. In case you are not able to make a scheduled appointment, you have the option to recommend another time to the patient and if accepted by the patient, the appointment will be rescheduled else the patient can make another appointment based on your online availability.

I’m on another health portal, then why should I be on yours?

Yes, we understand that there so many options out there and making a choice can be daunting and difficult at best. We never force anyone to replace existing medical management platform with our’s(Healcard). But We are very confident that our platform provides the most holistic set of capabilities, unparalleled ease of use backed by innovative use of technologies to integrate patients, care providers, and other healthcare stakeholders in a way that has never been possible before. It connects care seekers with care providers within clicks and makes consultation, and care choices interactions very frictionless. This holistic set of capability is nowhere in any other competitors, and we believe these will be available for the first time with Healcard, here you will experience smart, impressive and versatile features that will accelerate your practice along with the whole healthcare system.

I am not very technology savvy. What do I do?

Well, there is no need to be afraid of this as all you have to do is to go with instructions and follow intuitive screen flow and navigation just like how we use ATM machines. It’s as easy as that. You just need to login and operate your profile the way you operate your social media profiles. For all of this, you don’t need to be a tech pro or something, and even if you find it difficult, we have instructional videos to provide step by step instructions for any given tasks or activities on Healcard youtube channel. You can go through it and learn from there. We would again say that we have functionalized it in as simpler way and so it is easy to use.

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